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With the pre-cata patch, rogues are supposed to stack haste whenever possible now to increase energy regen. And the black magic enchant now appears to proc from rogue special abilities. Most of the theorycrafting i've seen says that enchanting black magic on an off-hand weapon is equal or better than beserking or mongoose, because the talents now give a high chance for the off-hand waepon to proc the 250 haste. However, wow-heroes shows black magic as a 12 value enchant rather than a 15.

I realize 3 points is minor, but having to argue with people who look atwow-heroes as the end all, be all of gearing about haste being highly valuable, and being proven valuable on spreadsheets and in live raid boss encounters on dps meters, is going to get annoying. What are the chances Black magic will be increased to a 15 point enchant for rogues?
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