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Need help / suggestions to maximize my DPS. ... er=Grizzly Hills&name=Helleri

If anyone wants to look me up, I'm Helleri on US / Grizzly Hills.

Thanks in advance !
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In my view GO ASSASSINATION!!!!!!! Ever since the patch...assassination has been the BEST spec. My WoW-Heroes score is in the 2500s and im pulling 6-7k dps. You just got to know what your doing. If you want my spec for assassination armory me. I have the best possible assassination build out right now. What you have to do is...

1. Go steath and Garrote the enemy.
2. When you come out of stealth IMEDIATLEY PUT ON HUNGER FOR BLOOD!!!!! it gives you a 15% damage increase.
3. Then Mutilate once.
4. After you Mutilate once...Slice and Dice.
5. Right after you Slice and Dice ENVENOM!!! it makes you have a full 20 sec Slice and Dice and is more powerful then eviscerate.
6. After you have Envenomed...Mutilate 3 times untill you have 5 points built up.
7. Next, ENVENOM!!!!! Again it makes you have a full 20 sec. Slice and dice and is more powerful than eviscerate.
8. Keep repeating this process. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP RENEWING HUNGER FOR BLOOD!!!! :grin:

Also have Instant Poisin on your slowest weapon and Deadly on your faster so it can proc more.

Please message me back with your thoughts. ;)
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again this rotation is slightly wrong see Other Thread for true asas rotation

Edit:- In fact il just paste it :-

Yeah I agree for pve im loving the 51/18/2 asas spec.

Only thing is i think you made a mistake in your rotation there, prolly just got ahead of yourself.
1) stealth
2) Garrote
3) hunger for Blood
4) slice and dice
5) Mutilate
6) Envenom
Now your up and running with the slice n dice refeshed to 20 on every envenom u do now.

7) Mutilate 5 points
8) envenom.

repeat steps 7 and 8 untill u need to refresh hunger for blood, if there isnt a bleed effect on the enemy then u will have to make one with rupture or using vanish garrote

Rinse repeat keeping hunger for blood up, this had priority over all. Also u can throw a cold blood in there etc but make sure u dont use b4 boss so its ready.
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