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Hi everyone,

Im not new to the game but came back from a long hiatus. I've been gearing up by doing some heroics and early in game raids both 10 and 25 mans. This is the gear i have so far please let me know what you guys think as a shadow priest and what should be the next pieces of gear that I should be going for. Im very hesitant to spend any of my frost badges as i spent it on that cloak cause nothing would drop for me. Please let me know thanks for all your help ... =Jumongous
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Looks like you are cross gearing, ok for most heroics and such but going into icc you'll be getting in trouble.

Starting with Gems: do not Gem for MP5 as a shadow priest, ever . <-- that's a big period btw. In blue sockets use Spell Power and Spirit (Purple gems, Purified). You will want these purified gems in ALL blue sockets that give a haste OR spell power socket bonus. (pretty much all of them)

Meta Gem, change to chaotic skyflare. You don not what the run speed in your meta, I don't think it stacks with tuskaars AND the crit is way to valuable.

Yellow Gems, Use Reckless orange gems. (12sp 10 haste). Do not use full haste gems.

Red, Ruined spellpower gems. duh.

enchants. This one is easy, Spell Power where available, haste on cloak, Stats on chest and Tuskaars on feet. ONLY use ice walker on feet if you are under hit cap. You are way over cap. I used to thing tuskaars was a waste cause as a Spriest i was always the last to die, until sindragosa. Long story short, the run speed is worth it, get used to it and you don't loose much to get it.

your gear gives me a headache lol. Get rid of that Intel gem it is no good for shadow or holy even. Replace it with Abyssal Rune from 5man toc regular. Also Nevermelting ice crystal from 5man Heroic PoS (ithink) is another good trinket.

clearly you got some badges because you got the frost back piece. Start working on your 4pc T10. Get it asap buy head shoulders and chest asap, hope you get your hands/legs in VoA

Doesn't look like you are doing much in ICC but see if you can get some rep runs in to get your DPS ring.

Try to even out your hit a bit your goal is 289 but a little over isn't bad. IF you can get the crusader orbs try getting the Bejeweled wizard bracers made, merlins robes too (i don't think they have hit)

talents/glyphs: I hardly ever disperse, generally only between fights or when i'm dispersion tanking in a fail group (hoping dots kill boss) I use shadow word pain Glyph instead. Chances are you shadow fiend will not die because of recent pet buffs. I'd suggest changing it to shadow protection buff just to save a few candles in long raids. but don't really matter too much.

I find Shadow Affinity is great too. once you start actually doing damage its easy to pull agro, i'd suggest one point there if you can. Improved VE is nothing to shake a stick at either.

last tip i got. go to great resource.

Good luck
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