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I was wondering if anyone has a general idea of about how much damage people should be doing per tier. I.e. I am t9 geared and doing roughly 4.5k->5.2k damage per boss in ICC 25. This is fully raid buffed. Last I checked, self buffed without food/flask I did 4k->4100 on a dummy. That parse includes dpsing until oom using fiend but no dispersion.

If anyone has any general numbers, examples of themselves do well too, it would be great to have. That way people can compare themselves and see if they're doing terribly or fairly well. Yes, I know my gems aren't perfect and I have pvp bracers. It's not bad IMO for only doing PvE for a month.

My stats:
2644 SP + Inner Fire // 19% crit // Hit capped // 600 Haste
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