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Why Dose
Disco Priest Flow have a Higher Wow hero raiting then me(Sanso), I don't Care if He has a Legendary Wepon I have like 30 Plus Gear rating on him. He is missing Enchants,

Baelgun: Flow
Baelgun: Sanso

What dose wow-heroes Base Holy Priest gear rating off of.
The way I heal is Stack Everything I have towards Sprit. The more Sprit I have the more
Mana per 5 I have leting me heal Longer. I spec'ed my self as a Raid healer and Focused everything
Into Renew Spec. With all my Mana per 5 I can keep atleast 10 renews up on people a whole fight.
And With Instance Cast spell Spec'ed into I use Circle of healing and Prayer of Mending.
I Really don't Benefit for any Extra Spell power, Haste, or critical rating. Yes it might be
Nice too have Extra Crit. But I don't need too Crit. I keep the raid Completely Toped off.
And Since I am Instant Cast Spec'ed Haste don't matter either.

With my new Trinket and my 8.5 Bonus I can shield for an Extra 250 and Proc my trinket over 500
For a:
3600 Spell Power
1700 Sprit
1200/750 Mana per 5
27% crit
350 Haste
Raid buffed.

With Renew's ticking and mending/COH I keep the raid fulling topped off and keep a steady Flash of light on the main tank when everyone is toped off for a Lower cast time Prayer of Healing.

I roll 4,000 healing per second Bace. Thats low raid damage I can Keep a Steady 9,000 Healing per second on Ignis, and Hodir. A Resto Druid can't Touch me.

It dose not matter how much they nerf Sprit it is Still the best for a priest. I really Think Holy Priests number 1 priority is Sprit. And If anyone wants too Argue that. Have them Top my healing. I use a 120 Sprit Staff and I am prod of it!!!
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i am of the school spirit is the best too but not to many ppl think that any more.
as for the gear score, don't bother messing with it. go by play style and who recommends someone to join your raid based off of how they play their char. i honestly think gear score is probably one of the worst things ppl have put into this game in a long time
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