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by Tungsten
Wed May 05, 2010 7:00 am
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Blood Draining ench not showing 15 for Bear
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Blood Draining ench not showing 15 for Bear

I think there's a bug with feral druid tanks with the weapon enchant. Bears with Blood Draining are given only 12 and your recommended enchants for the full 15 points are damage enchants (like Executioner, Massacre, Berserking. etc) rather than tank enchants. Some of these are actually horrible for ...
by Tungsten
Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:33 am
Forum: Enchants
Topic: Enchant Weapon - Blood Draining
Replies: 14
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Re: Enchant Weapon - Blood Draining

Blood Draining should definitely be 15 points for tanks! Especially since pure threat enchants are given 15... which is silly because since when is threat an issue in the current state of the game where tanks would need to gear for it? Executioner? Massacre? 100% threat and no EH, avoidance, or miti...

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