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by Duune
Fri Apr 24, 2009 5:18 pm
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Talents not showing on my character!!!!
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Talents not showing on my character!!!!

I am an Arcane Mage (Duune, Terenas server) and by speccing into Arcane, my talent points grant me an additional 15% spell power (Mind Mastery) and 15% Intellect (Arcane Mind) as well as 3% increase Critical Strike (Arcane Instability). Before the patch, these "base" talent changes would s...
by Duune
Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:58 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Guild Tab Question????
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Guild Tab Question????


On the Guild tab, there is a little number to the far left of the character name, what does it mean?????
by Duune
Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:58 pm
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Ring Stats
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Ring Stats

With the merging of Healing and Spell Damamge to Spell Power (patch 3.0), I have put the Healing enchant on both of my rings which equates to +12 Spell Power. This si the same stats as the Spell Damage enchant. I do not have the Spell Damage enchant to ring because I do not have the reputation with ...

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