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  • Re: Enhance shaman enchants
    Posted by merchant » Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:17 am
  • Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility 5 sec cast Tools: Runed Arcanite Rod Reagents: Small Prismatic Shard (3), Greater Planar Essence (3), Primal Air...
  • Re: Enchants for Enhancement Shamans
    Posted by merchant » Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:44 am
  • hello fellow enhancement shaman here str is a one for one basis now not a 2 for 1 on atk pwer, so atk pwer enchants are better, also agility is a one for one basis but boost or cri...
  • Re: Enhance shaman enchants
    Posted by merchant » Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:48 pm
  • hello I think Superior agility on gloves should get the same rating (10) as major strength for enhance shamans. The benefit from agility is the same if not greater than strength no...
  • Epic Undead set
    Posted by merchant » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:10 pm
  • Hello, Do u know what points/rating the new Undead epic set will be given for players. The set that u get from doing the Argent Dawn Scourge quests and rep purchases. Blessed - Und...
  • Re: Update Please!
    Posted by merchant » Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:14 pm
  • I noticed that one of my toons is now updated since 3.0 but my other 2 still are having problems. Also the update isnt working as fast as usual either plz help merchntdeath - updat...
  • Re: Update please
    Posted by merchant » Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:59 pm
  • Using the "live" button isnt working for my chars, It seems that the site hasnt been working since the new patch 3.0 I checked with the WoW Armory and the gear there is u...
  • Re: Updating Character Since 3.0.2 Patch
    Posted by merchant » Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:59 pm
  • I am having the same issues with my chars as well


    since the patch, my chars dont update, plz help

    ty :wave:
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