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by thedarkelf
Fri Apr 03, 2009 1:55 am
Forum: General
Topic: Caps and Ratings
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Re: Caps and Ratings

well i am not sure if u can find the cap fort those things on this website since i am faily new as well. but i know if you go to www/ u can search those up and it should tell you the cap
by thedarkelf
Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:06 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Raid ID Thief! dont invite this person!!
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Re: Raid ID Thief! dont invite this person!!

if u wish to blacklist someone a very good way is

it is very easy to blacklist on there and very easy to find outif someone has been blacklisted

i use alot when pugging people into a mainly guild run

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